Flint Tip Tanks added for greater distance across the North Atlantic.

At this very moment Miss Behavin’ is being outfitted with Flint Tip Tanks by Spider Aircraft Service on Montgomery Field San Diego, California. These tanks will add 23 gallons usable fuel to our standard 87 usable on N2423C…bringing us up to 110 gallons usable.

Don made this decision over a ferry tank of 124 gallons that would require an FAA G337 for taking off over weight limits.

This decision was possible due to our choice of route choosing not to fly the brutal 15 hour flight direct to Shannon, Ireland. We chose to enjoy the stops in some of the most unvisited countries in the world…namely, Greenland and Iceland.

These permanent tanks on N2423C cost approximately $6,000.00 and another $3,000.00 to install.

We hope to see whales and polar bears along with the rest of nature’s magnificence.