Jeff Goes International!

As of just a few minutes ago, Jeff and Don crossed the border into Canada.

Keep watching him on Spidertracks to see his progression into Goose Bay, Canada!!!

Nervously Watching,


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  • Sally

    Kenny, no need to be nervous. Don and Jeff are flying safe and smart and Don is very impressed with Jeff’s flying skills. Really impressed.

    I accompanied Don on this same flight and was blown away by the art of it all. His knowledge and skill and competence. Not to mention the sights. The vastness, the icebergs, the breathtaking beauty.

    So enjoy watching, think positive thoughts, have fun. I sure am. I am addicted to this website, the blog, and spidertracks. Especially when you click on satellite and then keep enlarging to see the actual airport when Miss Behavin’ is “in port”!

    Had dinner with Jeff and Don the night before they left Charleston. What a marvelous human being he is! And I loved hearing all about you and the rest of his team. A really enjoyable evening here….

    See you online.