Heading Home…

Just a quick update…I spoke with Jeff at about 8:00 o’clock this morning. Yesterday he landed safely back in the USA in Bangor, Maine. Today he is flying back in our direction heading for home in California. We will continue to track Jeff on his journey home and we are all looking so forward to Jeff’s safe return.

Anxiously awaiting,



  • Alexa

    Just wanted to state that it was a pleasure meeting Jeff today. He stopped in Lexington, Kentucky, it seems he was a little tired (understandable). I loved listening to his stories, but sadly we were so busy I could not talk for long. I wish him a safe flight home and look forward to reading about his around the world trip!

    TAC Air

  • jeffrey

    Hi Alexa,

    The pleasure was mine as well, even while half asleep. I must say Tac Air’s services were great and the Holiday Inn you sent me to was the best (I was quite surprised).

    I will be writing voluminously in the next days and weeks of my journey.

    Stay tuned,