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Practice Makes Perfect

On Tuesday morning I arrived to the control center with the normal spring in my step ready to take on whatever the day has to bring. After my arrival Jeff informed me that I would get to play camera man for some practice runway approaches he and Martina would be making later on in the [...]

Donning the Switlik Immersion Suit

Jeff Miller donning a Switlik immersion suit.

Diamond Brand Knife Sharpening Stone

On an extended stay in the wilderness a good knife sharpening stone will come in handy

Platypus 2 Liter Water Bag

Platypus 2 liter water container that can be use to store, transport or clean water.

Micropur Water Purification Pills

Micropur water purification pills clean water of viruses, bacteria, Giardia and and Cryptosporidiumj

Ten days and a wake up become 13 days and a wake up

Don Ratliff just informed me that he is running 2-3 days behind in his delivery of another aircraft, and hence, we probably won’t take off till May 7th or 8th.
As Don noted, you must be prepared for change in aviation.
I guess this gives me a few more days of preparation.

BenchWade 4″ Fixed Blade Steel Knife

This knife can be very handy in an emergency. You may need to cut yourself or your partner out of a jammed seat belt during a ditching. You may have to break a window to let the water in to equalize the pressure.

Samantha’s question

Name: Samantha Miller -
Question: Thank you for setting all of this up Uncle Jeff for me and my school. Thank you again for the map that we will be hanging up in our classroom. Are you still planning on leaving on May 5th? Approximately how many times have you been flying in your plane? [...]

Gerber 6.5″ Folding Saw with Exchangeable Blade

One of three knives to be carried across the North Atlantic.

Eleven days and a wake up till the journey begins

I’m a little stressed trying to get everything prepared…I guess that’s a good thing.
Miss Behavin’ is being serviced at the Van Nuys Flight Center by Bill Noctor and Arthur. She’s getting a new seat put in and quick releases for the back seat. She’s also having her windshield caulked again.
I’m flying into Baja Mexico by [...]