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With your permission I intend to do an article about your epic trip in the magazine

Hi there, I am editor of a local society magazine which is aimed at people interested in Aviation in Yorkshire, UK. We print a comprehensive monthly report of the movements at Leeds/Bradford. I noticed your aircraft had visited the airport in May this year and on finding it had been from and to the USA [...]

How much does spidertracks cost?

Question from Mark Bundy:
Spidertracks: How much did the unit cost and how much is the service costing (per hour/month/whatever makes sense)
Hi Mark,
The unit in the aircraft costs $2000 the last time I checked with Luke McCarthy at spidertracks. I must say that it performed flawlessly on our trip even at 67 degrees north…this is where [...]

What weather should I expect crossing the North Atlantic in July and August?

What weather to expect crossing the North Atlantic in July and August.

I am posting again by request please use Ask Jeff to post questions

Since Ask Jeff has been fixed the questions are coming in…and so I will answer.
I must admit I was a might disappointed that we were not receiving questions…now it is obvious that many were asked and never received by me.
Please resubmit all questions that went into space and I promise to answer them promptly.

Next journey is to Patagonia and back in July.

I know I’ve been slacking in finishing the descriptions of the last legs of my North Atlantic journey. I’ll be on it shortly…truthfully, I’ve really found myself pooped and sleeping mostly.
I should be making my final decision on go no go to Patagonia in July this or next week. Insurance is playing a large part [...]

My apologies, if you have written to “ask Jeff” it has not worked

We’ve had a technical glitch with Ask Jeff…sorry.