What weather should I expect crossing the North Atlantic in July and August?

Name: Luigi Franceschetti

Question: Dear Jeff,

my name is Luigi Franceschetti and I’m builder & owner of a Van’s Aircraft RV7 registered and based in Italy.

My plan is to try to go to Oshkosh in July 2010 with my aircraft (plus other 2 RV).

My RV is capable of 170 knots TAS @ 8.000 ft with a hourly consumption of 9.0 USG with a total standard capacity of 40 USG.

I’m currently doing the project for an additional ferry tank (to put on the passenger seat, the aircraft has two seats) to get an additional 40 USG, giving me around 8 hours + reserve.

Then I would kindly like to receive some info if possible:

-I’m planning the trip in July, not only for Oshkosh 2010, but even because of the better (I suppose weather) that I can except (plus more daylight). What kind of weather I can expect?

-I have no particular rush to go to Oshkosh, what I mean, is that I can surely wait 4-5 days on each place during the trip to wait good weather (I’m planning a 1 month and a half trip), do you think that is enough to “wait” for acceptable weather?

-I have study the different routes (basically the routes on Iceland-Greenland-Canada), do you have any additonal hints?

-Do you have any website or other source of info to provide me?

Thank you very much


City: Rodengo Saiano State: Italy

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for writing.

Question: Why do you have an 8,000′ ceiling? Or is that just the speed you can cruise at that level?

I spoke to Don Ratliff to ask him what he though…and he came back to me with the same question.

” Why an 8,000 feet ceiling? What is the nature, or necessity of that? He would have to climb to at least 12,000 to get safely over the “cap” and into BGBW. But he would only need to be at that altitude for no more than 45 minutes. Otherwise he would have to fly about the southern tip, then back up to BGBW for fuel.

Icing should not be too much of an issue in July, and he would always be able to descend and melt it off, except over the “cap”.”

That said, you sound like you can easily fly the 750 NM or so from Prestwick, Scotland to Keflavik (that would we your longest leg) and then on to Narsarsuaq or Sondrestrom, Greenland then to Iqaluit or Goose Bay, Canada and down into the lower 48 states…easily.

In our journey across and back the only time we had to wait was not to pay Greenland a $1200 landing fee on Sunday…oh yeah, we also had to wait one day to avoid strong winds in Keflavik.

I would suggest you use a handler for country clearances. And you will find Agents at the airports that will help you with weather and filing.

You may need an HF radio for position reports across the Atlantic if you don’t go through Iqaluit to Sondrestrom or reversed.

Let me know if I can help with anything else…good luck and have a great flight,


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