Jeff’s Great Adventure

What began as a dream is now my reality. I will fly across the United States on to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Amsterdam, Paris and Germany…and then, fight the jet stream back across the North Atlantic.

This is my journal to share with all those interested and to teach others what I learn on my journey. I will be assisted by Don Ratliff a legendary 75 year young pilot who has made a mere 258 crossings. Don will be my Sherpa, my guru, my lifeguard…the man to whom I will entrust my life.

Why start on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo?  Truthfully,  it’s to pick-up Don in Norman, Oklahoma where he will be celebrating his brother’s 80th birthday.

I hope you enjoy our journey and take the time to comment or question us on our way to and from Europe.


  • Noah Ruderman

    Sounds exciting! Looking forward to following the trip.

  • jeffrey

    Thanks for the encouragement Noah…it should be fun.

  • Renu Telin

    will follow your trip and hope you ‘d great time.

  • jeffrey

    Thank you Renu it will be a pleasure keeping you entertained. Maybe I’ll see you in Paris.

  • Sean

    Brilliant Jeff… chocks away and reach for the sky. I’ve bookmarked and will check regularly. Brilliant.

  • jeffrey

    Thanks Sean…I know you enjoy reading the last page first but this is a book you’ll have to enjoy page by page. I’m tickled to be on your reading list.

  • Colin Gordon

    It was a real pleasure to meet yourself and the legend himself “Don”.
    We were delighted to host you here in Prestwick, Scotland and I sincerely hope you have a safe journey home and we all at Ocean Sky Jet Centre, Prestwick, Scotland look forward to welcoming you back in the not too distant future. take care and safe flying…Colin- Flight Supervisor

  • jeffrey

    Hi Colin,

    You guys were our best stop…great service…and that hotel was phenomenal. I will pass on to all who read what a wonderful agent you guys are for us crazy pilots.

    Thanks for the help and hospitality…you guys are over the top.