Jeff Miller Adventurer


Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller has been an adventurer his entire life…that’s me!

I’ve lived in the Australian outback on the Tropic of Capricorn where it meets the Indian Ocean for 2 years. In the summers it would reach 138 degree ground temperature, the winters were colder…like 100 degrees.

One great adventure was a 13 month tour in Vietnam on a navy dive boat working the coasts and the rivers. I started diving in 1960 when I was 12 years old and scuba diving was in it’s infancy.

In 1973 I received my pilot’s license in 6 weeks (40 hours) and the next day flew from Lakehurst, NJ to the Bahamas…a mite crazy too :-)

In the 90’s we sailed from Auckland, New Zealand to Rora Tonga, Cook Isles on a 42 foot Halberg-Rassey in winter 40 foot South Pacific seas with four others. That was a fun 2000 mile 15 day journey.

In my40’s and out of shape, I learned to ski at Squaw Valley, California…on my 39th day skiing I climbed with my skis to the top of the mountain and shot the Classic Shoot where Warren Miller likes to film (no relationship).

I helped pioneer the medical alarm industry in 1981 and have been in that industry ever since.

Now I enjoy philanthropic adventures with my Vial of Life Project Public Charity a 501 (C) 3 with which I have donated 2 million Vial of Life’s around the country and continue to do so. We also help seniors who cannot afford a medical alarm with financial aid. My charity also tries yo feed 150 children in Namibia daily (this is a start program for 3 months) and supports the LA Food Bank to serve 2500 meals per month. My next venture is to take my RV to tent cities around LA and help feed their populations. Although these are small acts I feel it makes a difference.

And now the adventure of my lifetime flying the North Atlantic…and then the world!

Woo Hoo!!!