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Question from Maggie

Name: Maggie -
Question: Hi i am Maggie one of Sams friends when are you getting back from your trip.Well when will you start.Also the picture of your cat was cool Jeff do you have any other pets because im a pet lover ,bye.
City: Burlinton,Ontario
Hi Maggie,
I’m glad you like the picture of Spooky my cat. He [...]

Question from Katy

Name: Katy Amesbury -
Question: Hi Jeff,
I am Sams friend Katy! I have heard a lot about you and I think it is really cool how you are flying across the whole atlantic ocean. Maybe when you take your stops you can buy a souvenir for Sam and then she can show the class! How long [...]

Question from Sarah Matthews

Name: Sarah Matthews -
Question: Hi Jeff,
I am Sams friend from school, my name is Sarah.How many times have you flown in a helicopter? What do you think will be the most challenging part of your journey? I hope you have a great time flying with your friend!

P.S Good Luck!
City: Burlington,Ontario
Hi Sarah,
I’ve [...]

Comment from Claire from Sir Ernest MacMillan Canadian Public School

Question: Hey jeff it’s claire again and thanks for the reply.Nice cat and yes i am one of sam’s friends [no wonder] gotta gotta go now!
City: burlington
Hi Claire,
Glad you like Spooky…he’s in the background yapping loudly right now.

Reply to Jessie

Hi Jessie,
Thanks for writing…let’s see.
Actually we may fly a different route since I have to pick up Don Ratliff in Charleston, SC. So we may not fly to Germany at all…then again we may Stay tuned and I’ll announce I’ll final route shortly.
The plan is to stay in most countries overnight and then move [...]

Question from Jessie about Germany, Detroit and Fav Food

Questions from Canadian Middle School

Samantha’s question

Name: Samantha Miller -
Question: Thank you for setting all of this up Uncle Jeff for me and my school. Thank you again for the map that we will be hanging up in our classroom. Are you still planning on leaving on May 5th? Approximately how many times have you been flying in your plane? [...]

To the students and their teacher Mrs. Cathy Elliot-Cummings of Sir Ernest MacMillan Public School

Hi guys,
Feel free to ask me any questions you have under the page “Ask Jeff and Team Miss Behavin‘ ” and we will answer you right here. You can ask about the flight, the equipment, the countries, and anything you feel like asking or commenting on.
Mrs. Elliot-Cummings, if you feel there is something you would [...]

Question from Claire

Jeff have you ever been in a car crash or a plane crash? What is your favourite animal and your favourite colour favourite fruit and what is your favourite letter in the alphabet?
Claire meet Spooky my favorite animal sitting in his thrown like he owns it.

Question from Samantha Miller

Hey Uncle Jeff,
My class is excited to see where you are going to fly to. Can you please send us a map of where you are going.Hi jeff i am Dawson i am being pretty annoying right now.