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Following me on Twitter allows you to receive text messages as we fly around the world…or just find out what I’m doing. BTW…the April 20th date shown above is just the date this post was originally made.

Look at the Tweets themselves to see how long ago they were posted.

You can view my Twitter page or sign up for a Twitter account and follow or tweet me at JeffOnTheFly.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter if you put your cell phone number in there when you set up, you will receive my text Tweets while I’m flying real time and you can message me back via cell phone or email.


  • Michelle

    Can’t wait to get instant updates from your SAT phone on Twitter! SO EXCITING! Love the picture on your JeffOnTheFly page BTW! Was it from one of your many adventures? AML- Michelle

  • jeffrey

    Thanks, I like that pic too. The SAT phone will be way cool with Twitter! The pic is from my trip to San Fran with Renu.