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Take-off Emergency, in IMC, 300 feet over Pacific Ocean in Arcata, CA

I left Marina del Rey, CA for a three week, or so, adventure in Alaska. My emergency gear was packed, back seats and wheel pants were removed…heading North and West with no flight plan. After a lovely VFR flight up the California coast while contemplating a gravel landing next to Mt. McKinley in Denali National [...]

I am posting again by request please use Ask Jeff to post questions

Since Ask Jeff has been fixed the questions are coming in…and so I will answer.
I must admit I was a might disappointed that we were not receiving questions…now it is obvious that many were asked and never received by me.
Please resubmit all questions that went into space and I promise to answer them promptly.

Next journey is to Patagonia and back in July.

I know I’ve been slacking in finishing the descriptions of the last legs of my North Atlantic journey. I’ll be on it shortly…truthfully, I’ve really found myself pooped and sleeping mostly.
I should be making my final decision on go no go to Patagonia in July this or next week. Insurance is playing a large part [...]

My apologies, if you have written to “ask Jeff” it has not worked

We’ve had a technical glitch with Ask Jeff…sorry.

Photo album of Flying the North Atlantic

Flying the North Atlantic

What didn’t work and problems on our flights to and from Leeds, England

Before I start telling you about each leg of the flight, it’s joys and tribulations, I thought I would list our equipment failures which are amazing  and numerous.

No chart data for North Atlantic and Central Europe…fixed before leaving Goose Bay, Canada
No navigational data for the Garmin 1000 past Canada…not fixed yet
Localizer failure in Kevlavik, Iceland [...]

A global perspective of lessons learned.

The totality of this experience is so immense that it appears I must start first with the global then to the specific.
What have I learned?
How to prepare Miss Behavin’ for the journey.
How to prepare myself for the journey.
What I did not prepare for properly.
How much equipment can fail on one journey.
How to pack Miss Behavin’ [...]

Intense, Immense, Life Threatening, Life Saving…WAY COOL!

These words penned by a poet I don’t remember say it all so beautifully:
From the beginning of a journey
To a trip to the moon
To the start of thing to come
A journey to remember
Till the end of time
To the beginning…
This journey was so intense because of it’s required focus on detail and flying and lessons learned.
This [...]

Don Ratliff Ferry Pilot and Jeff Miller relaxing at the Northern Light Inn Keflavik, Iceland

Well Don and I have finally gotten a little rest. We’ve spent a day and a night relaxing in the beautiful weather in Keflavik. Don says this is rare to be in Iceland without clouds and have warm weather too.
Let me tell you a little about my new friend and mentor Don Ratliff who is [...]

Time for a quicky…post from Iceland that is :-)

It’s around 6 am and it still looks like a pretty strong wind out there to me. There are white caps on the ocean and the flag poles outside my window are dancing in the wind.
Don and I will be at the airport by 7:30 where we will receive our proper weather report from our [...]