Don Ratliff Ferry Pilot and Jeff Miller relaxing at the Northern Light Inn Keflavik, Iceland

Well Don and I have finally gotten a little rest. We’ve spent a day and a night relaxing in the beautiful weather in Keflavik. Don says this is rare to be in Iceland without clouds and have warm weather too.

Let me tell you a little about my new friend and mentor Don Ratliff who is officially the CEO of American King Air Services. This guy has been ferrying every kind of plane you can think of all over the world. Don’s delivering a Piper Matrix to Poland in a few weeks and he’s asked me to join him. I’m thinking about it.

I’ve been asking Don a million questions on this trip…what kind of plane would be best for me next…how do you decide if a used plane is okay, how do you check the engine over, how many cycles of landing gear is okay, should you bore scope an engine when buying it, how do you give a position report in Europe or Canada when necessary, how about pressurized aircraft instead of using oxygen, what about ferry tanks, the difference of crossing the Atlantic in a twin engine or single engine, about just about everything.

Don has some really interesting ideas about taking a King Air over to Hawaii and then taking three couples around the world stopping at places like Samoa, Singapore, Palau, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Dubai, Cairo, Cannes, Paris and who knows where else.

Don wants to show his new friends the world as he sees it. He’s also willing to teach the art of ferry piloting to those who want to learn.

You know you don’t have to just ferry a plane you can containerize it and ship it on a boat. He’ll tell you the pros and cons of that.

What I like most about Don is that he knows the answers to most questions about flying, ferrying, containerizing and inspecting airplanes.

He’s got me interested in switching Miss Behavin’ for a Piper Malibu Mirage that is pressurized, it flys at 25,000 feet, cruises at 215 to 225 knots and is a little more expensive than Miss Behavin’.

Don’s given me a great idea on how to sell Miss Behavin’ my sweet T182T for more money than the market will bear in the United States by selling it in Poland, South Africa, Kenya or somewhere else in the world…and the buyers will pay for the ferry costs.

Don will soon be blogging and sharing his knowledge about all matters of planes on his site.


  • Noah

    Wow, great stuff Jeff. This sounds like an amazing experience and it’s good to see you getting some rest! Poland would be awesome. I visited back in 1994 and still remember everything. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • jeffrey

    Well Noah, I’m not sure about the rest…but this has been an amazing trip and Poland might be quite interesting. See you soon.