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Pictures and explanation of Flint Tip Tank installation from Spiders Aircraft Services

After some initial problems with the installation of my Flint Tip Tanks Spiders really came through. They paid for the cost of Cessna’s testing on the tanks after the cavitation issue. All is well.
I have since used them at least 10 times in my travels. The tanks have worked flawlessly and it’s lovely to [...]

SpiderTracks installation was simple.

Yesterday Martina and I placed the SpiderTracks sending device on my glare shield below the windshield.
We simply placed the self-sticking holder on the glare shield, plugged it into the 12 volt power supply and when we got home and checked the web we saw our first tracks.
I’m quite pleased with SpiderTracks so far. I have [...]

Picking up Miss Behavin’ from Flint Wing Tip surgery…she’s hurting.

What went wrong with my Flint Tip Tank installation.

Flint Tip Tanks added for greater distance across the North Atlantic.

At this very moment Miss Behavin’ is being outfitted with Flint Tip Tanks by Spider Aircraft Service on Montgomery Field San Diego, California. These tanks will add 23 gallons usable fuel to our standard 87 usable on N2423C…bringing us up to 110 gallons usable.
Don made this decision over a ferry tank of 124 gallons that [...]