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How much does spidertracks cost?

Question from Mark Bundy:
Spidertracks: How much did the unit cost and how much is the service costing (per hour/month/whatever makes sense)
Hi Mark,
The unit in the aircraft costs $2000 the last time I checked with Luke McCarthy at spidertracks. I must say that it performed flawlessly on our trip even at 67 degrees north…this is where [...]

April 9th’s flight to Montgomery Field in San Diego

Team Miss Behavin’s flight to Montgomery Field in San Diego testing the Flint tip tanks and forgetting to turn on my spidertracks early enough.

SpiderTracks installation was simple.

Yesterday Martina and I placed the SpiderTracks sending device on my glare shield below the windshield.
We simply placed the self-sticking holder on the glare shield, plugged it into the 12 volt power supply and when we got home and checked the web we saw our first tracks.
I’m quite pleased with SpiderTracks so far. I have [...]

Track My Flight Path With SpiderTracks

<br /> Hey take a look at where I’ve been, beginning May 5th, 2009 I’ll be flying the North Atlantic. To check it out click on the title of this post. You can also see a description of all my SpiderTrack flights under “Spidertracks Daily Flight Description located under Categories below.

Spidertrack is being installed on Miss Behavin’ for the North Atlantic journey

Miss Behavin’ to incorporate spidertracks on her North Atlantic journey with Don and Jeff.

Should we make spidertracks available for all to follow our North Atlantic journey?

My new friend Pierre Josefsohn a pilot flying around Mexico at this time showed me his spidertracks. You can click on a little bubble superimposed over a map or satalitte view of your flight path.
It’s pretty cool and not inexpensive.
Why don’t you all look at the demo at and tell us what you think.
Pierre [...]