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April 17th Stuck in New Orleans for French Quarter Weekend

Our journey continues from Fort Meyers, FL to New Orleans, LA stuck by severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes…and so it goes

April 11th Van Nuys to Scottsdale, Arizona at Flight Level 190 (19,000)

Miss Behavin’, Jeff and Martina fly to Scottsdale, Arizona and test FL190 with oxygen and the Iridium satellite phone, along with a little unexpected rime icing.

April 8th, 2009 Spidertrack

Team Miss Behavin’, that would be me and Martina on this day, set out to fly from Van Nuys, CA to Santa Rosa, CA.
We met up with some fast forming rime ice on Miss Behavin’ starting at 10,000 feet near Gorman VOR. This caused us to climb to 14,000 feet above the clouds to stop [...]

Spidertrack is being installed on Miss Behavin’ for the North Atlantic journey

Miss Behavin’ to incorporate spidertracks on her North Atlantic journey with Don and Jeff.