Spidertrack is being installed on Miss Behavin’ for the North Atlantic journey

My new friends at spidertracks sent me my new gear to install on Miss Behavin’. I have yet to read the instructions since I was dealing with Miss Behavin’s Flint Wing Tip surgery yesterday down at Montgomery Field.

It looks like a very easy plug and play operation from what I’ve seen so far. I’ll tell you more in a day or two when I get Miss Behavin’ back and start laying spidertracks :-)

Let me give you an explanation of what spidertracks is and will do on my journey:

Spidertracks – Is kind of peace of mind for me. Offering me simplicity of tracking and some additional security.

Spidertracks is a satellite-based flight following solution that enables you to follow the flight path of Miss Behavin’ in real-time, wherever it is across the globe, at all times.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work.

At certain time intervals that I can select, the spider tracking device sends a signal with GPS coordinates, speed, direction and altitude of my aircraft at that moment in time via the Iridium network to Iridium’s Earth station and on to spidertracks’ secure servers. The GPS coordinates are translated by easy to understand spidertracks software into a visual record of the aircraft’s flight path and overlaid on to topographical maps (very cool I might add). The tracks can viewed in real-time by any nominated users, anytime from anywhere in the world via the internet. And a permanent record of the tracks creates a virtual flight log that can be accessed at any time in the future. The servers are said to be 99.99% reliable and the data is encrypted so only I can access your information. However, I’ll be sharing it with all of you on my website here.

The spider tracking device is small, seems robust and best of all it’s portable. It has no external antenna so it can be moved easily between any aircraft I fly and does not require certification or complicated installation. Now that’s ease of use.

Spidertracks is a simple tracking solution used by many pilots and fleet operators around the globe to watch over their crew and aircraft. For us, it’s a beautiful way to track where in the world I’m at on my flight across the North Atlantic.

I just can’t wait to lay down some tracks and see how I feel about it. I’d love your feedback too.