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May 15th Wick, Scotland to Leeds, England

Wick was lovely and the flight to Leeds, England was 100% in IMC and the Cessna Dealer at Leeds was exceedingly unhelpful…they would not fix our Garmin nor change our oil and they knew we were coming for days. Just that day we spoke to them twice from the satellite phone on the way from [...]

May 14th Keflavik, Iceland to Wick, Scotland

This leg of the journey presented several problems. We refueled in 45 knot gusts, Miss Behavin’ was dancing in the wind. The take off was in the same winds a harrowing experience. Then we had a small problem of 56 knot headwinds on our way to Scotland…these were opposite of prevailing winds to the east…oh [...]

May 12th crossing Greenland West to East on the way to Iceland

These pictures are of the southern polar ice cap in Greenland. This leg of the journey was 649 NM or 746 miles and it took us 4 hours and 46 minutes to fly.

May 12th Narsarsuaq, Greenland to Keflavic, Iceland

Leaving Greenland took us into a winter wonderland of glaciers, mountains, rivers and snow. We filled up at almost $20 per gallon, I donned my immersion suit and off to cross the polar ice cap we went.
The pictures below tell the tale except for the landing in Kevlavik which was accomplished in 45-60 knot winds [...]

May 12th Goose Bay, Canada to Narsarsuaq, Greenland

We spent the night in Goose Bay and ate dinner at one of Don’s favorite restaurants. They give you the steaks that you order and you cook them yourself the way you like it over the indoor barbecue.
Fueling up in Goose Bay was a challenge as they didn’t have a truck and I had to [...]

May 11th Bangor, Maine to Goose Bay, Canada

Don and I spent the night in Bangor, Maine and left early in the morning for Goose Bay, Canada. We were struck by the snow building on the ground as we headed north and we were also struck by the lack of trees due to Canadian logging operations. We could see some areas where they [...]

May 10th Mt. Pleasant, SC to Bangor, Maine

Now I’ve picked up my ferry pilot Don Ratliff and we are on our way. First stop Bangor, Maine.
We chose to fly VFR (visual flight rules) at 11,500′ all the way direct to Bangor. We had a beautiful flight. After dodging to the East to miss the Washington, DC flight restricted area we headed up [...]

May 9th KPNE to KLRO Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina to pick up Don Ratliff

Well rested after spending 2 nights at the Ritz Carlton across from Philadelphia’s city hall facing the William Penn statue at it’s top, I left late morning to pick up Don Ratliff.
It was a beautiful sun shiny day, I felt invigorated and ready to commence the major part of my journey.
It was a 458 NM [...]

May 7th from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Now this leg of the journey proved to be a quite challenging flight. It began early in the morning on a fog laden KOKC airport. I could see less than the full runway through the fog. I knew that I would break out of the ground layer at around 1200 feet. It was eerie to [...]

May 6th take off from Van Nuys, CA to Oaklahoma City, OKlahoma

This day started with friends and employees seeing me off as I got ready in my hangar and then took off for Oklahoma City.  Two videos were done of this departure. One was the actual take off as it occurred filmed my Michelle on her little camera, the second video was taken by Kenny who [...]