May 10th Mt. Pleasant, SC to Bangor, Maine

Now I’ve picked up my ferry pilot Don Ratliff and we are on our way. First stop Bangor, Maine.

We chose to fly VFR (visual flight rules) at 11,500′ all the way direct to Bangor. We had a beautiful flight. After dodging to the East to miss the Washington, DC flight restricted area we headed up the Cheasapeke Bay across the Delaware Bay East of Cape May, New Jersey.

Flying about 10 miles off the coast the view of the Jersey shore was beautiful and brought back old memories.

Approaching New York City about 15 miles east in the Atlantic was a lovely sight, then as I turned Miss Behavin’ across Long Island to move west of the Boston B class air space I received a call from JFK’s approach. Apparently we were crossing JFK’s ILS approach space. I looked over at Don and he was asleep. I asked JFK if they wanted me to make any changes to my flight path. They said no, that they would route the heavies (large aircraft) around me.

After dodging about 20 737’s, 747’s and other type heavy aircraft Don awoke and asked what was going on. I told him,  as we both watch with amazement dodging another 20 or so large aircraft. They were 500 feet above us a 1000 feet below us, 3 o’clock at 1 mile, etc. It was invigorating and thrilling. Usually a controller would change our route. I’ve always been told that the New York controllers were a tough lot…but no such situation this time.

The rest of this leg was uneventful and easy. I was blown away by just how beautiful Maine’s landscape is…full of lakes and beauty.

This leg took six hours and three minutes to fly. It was a distance of 877 NM or 1009 miles.

We were definetly on our way!