April 9th’s flight to Montgomery Field in San Diego

This was a great flight! Martina, Kenny and I flew to Montgomery Field (KMYF) in San Diego and back to Van Nuys (KVNY).

We had 1.2 hours of IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) meaning we were in the clouds and rain only flying by instruments. For me this is the most fun challenging flying. Kenny loved it…for his first flight that’s pretty good.

Martina was busy keeping the stats on our tests of my new Flint tip tanks. It’s nice to be flying with 110 gallons of fuel vice 87 gallons.

We had a nice meal at the Mexican restaurant on the field.

I’m a little frustrated about not starting spidertracks at the beginning of each flight. So when you check my tracks for this day you will note that they don’t start till we’re past Burbank this day and they don’t start when we leave MontgomeryField until I hit Longbeach. I think I need a note on my farhead to start spidertracks up after takeoff.

It gets its power from the 12 volt power supply in my T182T and thats not allowed to be turned on during takeoff.