A global perspective of lessons learned.

The totality of this experience is so immense that it appears I must start first with the global then to the specific.

What have I learned?

How to prepare Miss Behavin’ for the journey.

How to prepare myself for the journey.

What I did not prepare for properly.

How much equipment can fail on one journey.

How to pack Miss Behavin’ (which I did not do correctly).

How to prepare for survival and ditching (I give myself a C+)

How to clear customs.

How to “Pass my message” a way to tell the different European controllers what I’m doing.

How to give position reports when crossing the Atlantic where radar is not available.

How to and not to deal with icing.

How to get somewhere when your plane’s navigational data fails.

How to relieve ones self during a very long flight (there are many wrong ways :-))

How to deal with airport agents who file your flight plan and give you weather reports overseas.

How to flush the toilet in various countries (not so obvious).

How expensive fuel can be ($20/gallon in Greenland vice $4 plus change in the US)

How to use a High Frequency radio (HF)  for communicating out of VHF range.

How important topping off your fuel tanks are for safe flight.

How tiring and  cumulative many days of flying  wear on you.

How to keep my cool during aviation emergencies (I’m pretty cool there, Vietnam taught me that)

How alone you are when crossing the Atlantic in a single engine plane.

How to safely land in utterly difficult landing environments.

How the economies across the world are just like ours.

How much I missed my friends and my cat Spooky.

How nice it is to be a world away from my business.

How to have my plane de-iced in Canada.

How to pump fuel into Miss Behavin’ from 55 gallon barrels.

How great Arctic Radio is during a crisis (flying back from Greenland to Iqaluit, Canada)

How the northern most latitudes appear to effect Miss Behavin’s navigational equipment (magnetic north).

How not making lists effected the ease of my journey.

How it feels to become a single engine international pilot.

As you can see I have many lessons…and many more not mentioned.

Stay tuned…


  • Mary Gerard

    Hey Jeff — glad you made it back safe and sound! Sounds like it was a great trip beyond your expectations. It was fun tracking you and reading your posts. Hopefully you will post some awesome pictures. Mary

  • Lisa Miller

    I am truly eager and intersested in hearing/reading more from you with respect to all of these lessons and experiences. Staying tuned…Lisa

  • jeffrey

    Thanks Mary there are definitely pictures coming…cameras had trouble in the cold…both the video and the EOS