What didn’t work and problems on our flights to and from Leeds, England

Before I start telling you about each leg of the flight, it’s joys and tribulations, I thought I would list our equipment failures which are amazingĀ  and numerous.

  • No chart data for North Atlantic and Central Europe…fixed before leaving Goose Bay, Canada

  • No navigational data for the Garmin 1000 past Canada…not fixed yet

  • Localizer failure in Kevlavik, Iceland and beyond

  • GPS failures…about 15 of them

  • Video camera failure

  • EOS Cannon camera failure

  • Electronic flight bag failure (EFB) of the GPS but at least we had navigational data there

  • Icing numerous times as much as 1/2 inch for 3 hours at 5000 feet from Greenland to Canada

  • Leeds, England Cessna dealer after being called ahead would not fix our Garmin nor oil change

Except for those failures it was indeed a phenomenal journey :-)