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The wind is howling in Iceland!

Our journey to Keflavik, Iceland began yesterday morning in Goose Bay, Canada. We started our adventure after having breakfast at the local restaurant.
While being driven to the desolate Goose Bay Airport I said to the driver, “Looks like snow clouds.” He said back, “Nope, no snow reported today.” I said, “Ah, what does a guy [...]

Brrrr Don and I arrive in Bangor, Maine

Don and I took about a 6 hour plus flight from Charleston, South Carolina (which was about 90 degrees and muggy). I arrived in Bermuda shorts and was freezing in about 32 degree and windy weather.
We’ll stay the night and head to Goose Bay, Canada tomorrow and immediately jump over to Narsuarsac (sp) Greenland.
It was [...]

In Philly on my way in the morning to Charleston, South Carolina

The journey across the country was amazing. One stop for the night in Oklahoma City. Took off in the fog the next day…and it was Instrument Meteorological Conditions all the way (meaning I was in the clouds dodging thunderstorms…WAY COOL.
I made it to Philadelphia, about 1200 nautical miles, in the rain dodging thunderstorms landing on [...]

More days to prepare and anticipate…

Don Ratliff just informed me he is stuck in Africa not to arrive in Charleston at the earliest on Thursday. This sets up a series of issues.
We must arrive in Greenland on Saturday or wait until Monday, if not, landing in Greenland on Sunday has a $1200 fee to get the crew out. They close [...]

Fourteen hours to go…Woo Hoo!

I really don’t know what to say. I’m tense and excited.
It looks like I will have a straight shot from Van Nuys to Charleston, SC tomorrow. Weather willing I will arrive a little after midnight in Charleston.
Getting north may be another story.
I’m busy packing and planning so I’m a little short here.

A lovely email from Lisa…what can I say?

Name: Lisa Miller
Question: Jeff, on the eve of your Great Adventure I cannot help but think of how wonderful you are from head to toe, on the inside and out. You have made such a difference in my life and for that I thank you. You will be in my thoughts from the start of [...]

Lovely Bon Voyage party yesterday….25 hours to go

Michelle and Roni invited my friends to a Bon Voyage party last night at the Enterprise Fish Company in Santa Monica. We all had a great time.
Last night was the first time in 4 days that I was not stressed…woo hoo!
Now I’m looking at the weather map for tomorrow and it looks like a day [...]

Getting ready to go…just some of the survival equipment to be packed.

This is just some of the stuff I can display at once…lots more equipment in different boxes to go.

I’m smiling because I’m sitting here overwhelmed…what else to do?

Three days and a wake up till I leave…

Am I nervous? No!
Am I a little stressed? Yes!
There are so many things to check and double check…and I still have a few little items to buy…then it’s pack them all up and place them in Miss Behavin’.
Right now Art and Bill over at the Cessna Flight Center in Van Nuys are doing the final [...]

Doug Ritter has been an excellent survial and ditching consultant.

Doug Ritter is the go to man for Survival and Ditching training.