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Green Laser Signal Light

Greatland Green Rescue Laser can be seen 30 miles by an aircraft searching for you. It costs $249.95. You could select the red laser which can be seen for 20 miles and only costs $109.95, but if I’m floating in the water or down in the wilderness I want my best chance of being seen. [...]

Who thought there could be a funny story about an immersion suit?

A very funny and scary story of trying on and extricating myself from a cold water immersion suit.

Winslow Life Raft company tour in Lake Suzy, Florida

I had a chance to tour the Winslow Life Raft facility in Lake Suzy, Florida on April 17, 2009.
We were greeted by Sam the manager who gave us an excellent tour. You can find the pictures and explanations below. Since I am using their four person, double tubed, inflated floor, covered raft, vacuum sealed, with [...]

Ditching and Survival class at Camarillo airport with Doug Ritter

March 21st class at Camarillo airport presented by renowned ditching and survival expert Doug Ritter.