Up, Up and AWAY!!!

I am happy to report that Jeff and Don are in the air again. I spoke with Jeff at 7:15 this morning and they are only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Scotland. Jeff expressed to me that leaving Iceland was probably the most difficult take off to date due to inclement weather and high winds.We are anxiously tracking you Jeff and are anticipating a smooth and safe landing in Scotland.

Absolutely astonished,



  • Mark Weizer

    Hi Jeff,

    I just checked out your path from Iceland to Scotland. There sure is a lot of water between those two points. I did not grasp the intensity of this trip until looking at all of that water.

    Stay safe … have fun … and come home safely.

    Lots of love and lots of pride,


  • jeffrey

    Hey Cuz,

    Yup it’s the most intense flying I’ve ever done…and spectacular. I’ll be heading back to Iceland for 2 more days tomorrow morning.