First stop Ensenada, Mexico with “mucho papeles” or much paperwork

Sorry, but since I had to learn a little Spanish I feel it nice to pass it along.

Mucho papeles would almost be the perfect name for this journey, in my case mucho papeles missing.

Anyway, we all landed safely in Ensenada, Mexico where the paperwork began. I signed so many documents that I wasn’t sure if I was joining the Navy again. For those planning to fly to Mexico and beyond you can plan on at least 2 to 2.5 hours with the Commandants, Immigration, Customs, fueling and of course the Mexican Army.

Of all, the Commandants usually speaks some English, as for the Army…never happens. The fuel guys sometimes speak English…but, somehow you make your way through it all. So far all the Mexican people I met have been friendly and enjoy chuckling at my attempts to speak Espanol.

I'm not sure of which airport this is but it is indicative of fueling up. This is Mark and Sue's baby and money pit, their P-28 Piper Arrow.

In Ensenada Mark fueled first as I was an hour behind them landing. He was blessed with a lot of water in his fuel which he had to drain out over the next 2 flights. Thanks Mark, better in your tank than mine :-)

Actually Mark and I agreed that I would be the dromedary on this journey, the camel which he would siphon fuel to increase his distance.

More to come about dromedary services in Palenque, Mexico…we got into some serious trouble but Sue rescued us.